If you work in the eCommerce Industry, Amazon is a platform that you might be needing to deal with more than you want to. With more than 10 billion products, Amazon is a perfect place for getting up-to-date market data for products from various manufactures.

Given the actual need, you might need to scrape product listing titles, pricing information, product description, product photos, star ratings, customer reviews, questions & answers, etc, etc.

AnyPicker is one of the most easy-to-use web scrapers available. You do not need to know any type of coding or technical knowledge to use the scraper. It takes less than 5 minutes if you want to scrape any data from Amazon, and here is how to do it.

1 – Load The Product Category Listings in Amazon

The first step is to load the product data you want to extract or scrape. This can be easily done by searching for the target keywords in the amazon search bar. But I guess you already know that.

For example, if you would like to extract the current market data for the best-selling pillowcases on Amazon.com, just simply type the chosen category keyword “pillowcase” and load the search result page.

If you want to extract the best sellers for a specific category, you can do that too, just navigate to the best sellers category under the navigation menu. In our case, it would be under Home & Kitchen -> Bedding -> Sheets & Pillowcase -> Pillowcases

2 – Pick What Data To Extract

Now that we have identified the category, you will need to decide what type of data you want to extract or scrape from Amazon. If you just want broad information such as the title of product, review count, the first image of the product listing, and pricing. You can get them from the search result page.

If you want more data, such as the detailed description, all of the product images, detailed customer reviews, questions, and answers, you will need to navigate to the product detail page, as these data are not available on the search result page.

Search Result Page
Product detail Page

3 – Launch AnyPicker

Once you have decided what type of data to extract, simply launch AnyPicker on the page where your desired data is visible. If you haven’t already, you can install AnyPicker for free on your Chrome browser here.

Click The AnyPicker LOGO to Launch AnyPicker on the current page. The Visual Interface will show up to the left of your browser.

I will show case how to scrape the detailed product information in this example as it is the main use case.

4 – Setup AnyPicker Extraction Rule

This step should be very straight forward, all you need to do is :

Step 1 – Click New Recipe if you are not importing any existing recipe

Step 2 – Move your mouse over to Amazon’s Product Detail Page and Click on the data you want to extract ( Your selection will be highlighted )

Step 3 – Identify the Source List ( the page that contains links to all the product detail page, usually the search result page or category listing page )

On the source list, click LINK LIST SUGGESTION to highlight all the links that might be linking to the product detail page. This step is necessary to tell AnyPicker which link can be used to go to the product detail page

NOTE: You may need to remove some unwanted links detected by AnyPicker by clicking the remove link button. This step is optional but if you remove unrelated links ( such as the filter links on the left navigation panel ) the crawling speed will improve as AnyPicker will not be spending time finding information in unrelated links.

Step 4 – Identify Pagination

If you want to scrape data across several pages, you can identify how to turn the pages. In this step, simply click the next page button and AnyPicker will automatically mark it.

You can also click the “Test It” Button to see if the button is correctly detected.

Amazon uses standard pagination and it shouldn’t be a problem for AnyPicker to detect the button.

Note: If you want to scrape more than 30 pages of data, you will need to open advanced settings and change the maximum page setting to your desired value, or AnyPicker will stop after the 30th page is scraped.

Step 5 – Run Scraper & Get Data

All you need to do is wait and see AnyPicker working hard to get you the data you need.

Depending on the number of pages and your computer’s processing power, it should take less than 30 minutes to scrape all the data. And once everything is down, an excel version of the scraped data will be available to download in the data preview window shown above.

And that’s it, enjoy!

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