Do you need to analyze a lot of data that is only available on a particular website? If so you might be wondering if there is an easy way to download that data into excel or csv file. If you have done some research on this matter, you might find the result a bit frustrating. Chances are if you want to scrape any data off a website, you will either need to be able to know a bit of programming language such as python or learn how to use a scraping tool that is usually complicated and requires a lot of time learning.

What if you do not know how to program, nor wanting to learn the complicated software? Is there an easy way to just get the data you want from any website without much hassle? The answer is a big YES. AnyPicker is designed to work for everyone. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to operate and extract data one would need to get the job done. Simply launch AnyPicker on the page where you want to extract or scrape data. Then click on the data you want to collect, and just hit run. Your data will be scraped and presented in a nicely structured excel file for you to further review.

How To Scrape Data From A Website?

Step 1 – Install AnyPicker on Your Chrome Browser

If you haven’t done it already, please install AnyPicker from Chrome Web Store. It’s free!

Step 2 – Browse To the Web Page Where You Want to Extract Data From

Depending on the type of data you want to extract, load the page where the data you want to extract is present and loaded. For example, if you want to extract just the list of porducts showing up in the search result of an amazon search, simple perform a search and wait for the search result page to load. However, if you want to extract the data in the product description page (i.e detailed bullet points, reviews, etc,) please click into one of the search result and load up the actual product detail page.

Step 3 – Launch AnyPicker

Click the AnyPick logo in your chrome extension tool bar located in the upper right coner of chrome browser. AnyPicker will automatically load current page and analyze for possible data to scrape.

P.S You might need to log in using your chrome/google account information in order for AnyPicker to work.

Step 4 – Click On The Data To Setup Extraction

Use your mouse to click on the data you would like to extract. If you need to extract data from more than one page, make sure you tell anypicker where the page navigation button is located. Simply follow the intuitive on-screen guidance and you will be all set.

Step 5 – Start Scraping and Download Data

Click Run and AnyPicker will automatically start scraping for desired data and present them in CSV files or XLS files (paid feature) once the data scraping is completed. Chrome will automatically download the data file and image files if you have the option turned on.

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