Many people need to extract/scrape data from various websites for work or personal use. There are many website scraping tools available to make it happen. If you would like to know a list of the best top 5 web scraping tools in 2021, you can check out this post: Best 5 Free Web Data Scraping Tools in 2021.

Most of these tools are very capable for scraping data that is openly accessible. But many valuable data is behind login. Many tools become unusable as they cannot access data behind login. Many website ultilizes more strict login mechanism to prevent unauthorized data leak, unfortuantely this also imposed more restrictions on data scraping.

So How To Scrape Website Data That Requires A Login? You will need to use a scraper tool that supports browser session and login. Usually most browser based extention would have no problem accessing data behind logins, but a majority of the desktop based tools cannot natively do this. Cloud based scraping tools will also have issue scraping data behind logins.

The Quick Answer: Use Browser-Based Scraping Tools

Browser-based scraping tools natively support logins and usually have no problem with scraping data behind a login. You can consider the following tools you need to scrape data behind login:

AnyPicker – All Around Easy To Use Chrome Based Data Visual Scraper


AnyPicker is a free chrome extension that scrapes data with just a few clicks. You do not need to have the deep technical know-how to use it. You can start scraping data within minutes just by following the guided steps. AnyPicker also supports multiple tab concurrent crawling to make data scraping much faster

You can learn more about AnyPicker here


Webscraper is also a chrome extension. It works well and has a powerful free option. However, it requires the user to know how to navigate chrome’s developer console, challenging some people.

You can find out more about WebScaper.IO here.

Data Miner

Data Miner is a chrome-based data extractor. It can save and load recipes for faster data mining. It can also fill any form that is required during data scraping – this includes logins.

You can find out more about Data Miner at

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